About Us

Established in 2018 Christobell Candles are handmade candles using a completely organic wax made from natural by-product of the soy bean. 

Each Candle is lovingly hand made by Chief Candle Maker Christine. 

Your locally based Business allows you to design your own Candle from the size and colour to the type of lid to the Fragrance (of which we have access to over 500). This is easily done in our Online Shop. 

Christobell Candles also offers Diffusers (over 500 Fragrances) that can provide freshness to any room. 

Christobells goal is to form long term relationships with its clients. 

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PO Box 11351 

Centenary Heights QLD 4350 

0417627074 info@christobellcandles.com.au